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Tangerine Dream – Sounds From Another World


German-French channel ARTE TV will be broadcasting Margarete Kreuzer’s documentary on Tangerine Dream on Friday, 25th Nov 2016, 9:45 pm, for the first time.

Here are clips from the documentary (and some comments regarding the now ended crowdfunding campaign):

The film tells about Edgar Froese’s, bandleader of Tangerine Dream and pioneer of electronic music, lifelong search for the ultimate sound. This permanent search leads him and his band to worldwide acknowledgement and success including access to the Hollywood studios of Los Angeles. In January 2015 Edgar Froese dies and bequeaths 48 years of music history. The documentary tells of the highlights of Tangerine Dream through the personal words of the bandleader post mortem taken from his autobiography, by means of interviews with his family, his band colleagues, companioned artists and publishes for the first time personal archive footage.

On 16 Nov 2016 the GOETHE INSTITUTE Paris will celebrate the PREMIERE of the documentary in cooperation with ARTE. Free entry tickets – only a few left – can be ordered at eastgate@gmx.com. More details soon on: GOETHE_INSTITUT_PARIS

Via Tangerine-Dream.com