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Terry Oldfield’s Breakthrough


The 1977 song “Spiral” was the music that launched Terry Oldfield’s career. Now Terry has posted the story behind this amazing and different piece of music.

Terry writes on his blog:

“This is the story behind the musical piece I called ‘Spiral’ that launched my career.

It was 1977 and I was rather disillusioned with life when I decided to rent a cottage near the remote Welsh village of Llanrhaedr Ym Mochnant to spend the winter recording a piece of music that had been pulling at my heart strings for some time. It was based on a chord sequence that had emerged from some work I had been doing with a friend on the I Ching.

We had come up with a way of relating the hexagrams to the chromatic scale and I wanted to see if this would translate into music that had listenable value…In other words…. sounded harmonious and melodic. The cottage was situated about a mile away from a waterfall that cascaded off the mountains and from which I received much inspiration over the cold winter months.”

Read it all here. This truly is a piece of New Age music history – from a wonderful and inspiring artist.