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The Amazing Windows XP Installation Songs


While the world today is preparing for the launch of Windows 10, I’m taking a walk down memory lane. I’m doing an install of Windows XP only to enjoy the installation music. Check out these wonderful New Age music songs that only are available on the first startup of this old OS!

For us who enjoy instrumental pieces, much great material are available as background music in commercials, movies and technology. The success of the New Age music genre of the late 1970s and early 80s had for instance a profound impact on computer games music – and technology in general – that can be heard today. For instance, check out Samsung’s famous Over the Horizon, which has been made in many different versions. What an amazing New Age music song!

Remembering Windows XP
windows-xp2When the install of Windows XP is complete, the below music is what you hear. Next time you boot up, the music is gone (it can be found at this file location though: C:\WINDOWS\system 32\oobe\images)

Since 2001, there has been a discussion about who made the first song. We now know that it was Stan LePard who made it. Here’s the brilliant song:

What a wonderful melody, with its laid back atmosphere and, interestingly enough, Gregorian singing in the end! Stan LePard did a great job!

We know a lot more about the making of the next Windows XP songs. They are composed by Bill Brown (the short clips might very well be some of the most played music ever, given their central placement in Windows XP). I think they are equally amazing:

It remains to be seen what music that’s hidden in Windows 10. Let’s go exploring!