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The Best of David & Diane Arkenstone -10th Anniversary


It is now 10 years since “The Best of David and Diane Arkenstone” was released. Over the years it has become one of the most popular compilations in the New Age music genre. It captures the very best of two extraordinary careers up to its release.

A new video presentation has been made in connection with the 10th anniversary:

The compilation features pieces from their sixteen best-selling albums, such as “Jewel In The Sun”. “Aquaria, A Liquid Blue Trancescape” and “The Healing Spirit”.

This selection showcases the compositional and instrumental skills of two of the most talented musicians of the New Age and World Music genres”.

The tracks on the compilation:

1)  Jewel In The Sun (from the album Jewel In The Sun)

2)  The Spirit Of Excalibur (from Avalon: A Celtic Legend)

3)  Edge Of The World (from Following the Equator)

4)  The Angel’s Voice (from the album The Healing Spirit)

5)  The Red Tower (from the album The Grand Circle)

6)  Night Flight (from the album Spirits of the Rainforest)

7)  Through The Veil (from Aquaria – A Liquid Blue Trancescape)

8)  Morning Mist (from Reflections From The Wine Country)

9)  Firefall (from the album Spirit of the Canyon)

10)  Ocean Dreams (from the album Oddysea)

11)  Seduction (from the album Echoes of  Egypt)

12) Flight Of The Raven (from the album The Spirit Of Mesa Verde)

13)  The White Feather (from the album Ancient Voices)

14)  Horizon Of Stars (from the album African Skies)

15)  Arwen and Aragorn (from the album Middle Earth)

16)  Rhythm Of The Night (from the album Rhythm Of The Earth)

The album is available on EverSound.com.