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The ‘Chill’ Track Phenomenon During the Pandemic


A recent article in San Francisco newspaper Marin Independent Journal, written by Paul Liberatore, deals with how people during the pandemic are adding more “chill” tracks to their playlists. Steven Halpern says: “It’s doubled from last year and last year it doubled from the year before,” he says. “It happened so suddenly. The The’ I fell off my chair. It was that sudden and that wonderful.”

“People have been slowing down for a while and staying home,” Halpern says. “Even before this, there was a rise in people looking for music to help them relax.”

In the same article, Jai Uttal says: “You don’t have to be a sage or psychic to get a sense of what is happening globally in terms of anxiety, fear, isolation and paranoia, all those things. Our experience has been that everyone who listened to this music felt a sense of deep calmness. I’m humbled and moved that the music I create has a positive effect on others. In this case, the music is very inwardly focused and healing.”

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Jai Uttal has just released his first all-instrumental album, “Gauri’s Lullaby: Music for Healing and Other Joys,” four improvisational acoustic guitar meditations he describes as “sonic medicine to calm hearts, relax minds and bodies and help find ease during this intense period of timeout.”

For more information and music samples, visit jaiuttal.com

It is safe to say that COVID19 has not had a negative impact on the New Age music business. Indeed, streaming numbers are way up. Here on Newagemusic.guide we have never had more visitors during a single month than May 2020 – and there are still days left.