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“900 Voices” Global Video



Laura Sullivan has now released her “900 Voices” Global Video. Watch it here.

And here’s information from CultureCounterMag.com:

Grammy award-winning composer and artist Laura Sullivan’s follow-up to her prestigious win was to create a global music video event called “900 Voices: We Are Love” to be released on YouTube this Thursday, April 9.

The video is comprised of 938 people, 27 languages, all communicating in one beautiful song. Bringing the lifelong gift of music education, 50 percent of the music proceeds will benefit Little Kids Rock, a non-profit organization providing free musical instruments and classes to underserved children. Sullivan hopes by listeners purchasing the song on iTunes to “touch peoples’ hearts and to help the kids.”

Said Sullivan:

“I am so grateful. Being an artist, the ego is helpful, we want to share and connect. The more I think of my music as a gift for others, the better I feel.”

After achieving her Grammy win, Sullivan was faced with a conundrum: What to do next.

“I needed to set new goals,” she said. Her epic musical adventure began by composing a global song and video through collaborative crowdsourcing the media. Her song, “900 Voices: We Are Love”, is improvisational and created in consultation with Eepybird LLC, experts in the viral video field. Working as a team she created a plan to reach out to people around the world to participate in this one of a kind musical project.

“My goal was simply to create something beautiful, celebrating love and our connection as humanity, in collaboration with the world,” she said.

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