Amethystium – Transience now out


The new Amethystium album titled ‘Transience’ has been released. It is now available on iTunes , Amazon and Spotify.

About the above video Oystein writes:

The location backstory of the album is that in 2012 I left my home to combine making music with long-term solo-travel, and ended up working on this music in fifteen different countries. Parts of it were probably made in some of your hometowns – you might spot it in the video 🙂

Since this is a self-release with no label/marketing help, any help with sharing and spreading the word would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your support over the years; this album wouldn’t exist without it. And thanks also to the musicians who contributed: Martine Kraft, Lee Nisbet, Stacy King Evans, Erlend Kvam and Rhys Marsh.

I hope some of you will like the new music 🙂


amethystium1The tracklisting is:

01. Mono No Aware (Opening) (2:23)
02. Mesmerized (4:55)
03. Nightfall (4:30)
04. Luminescence (5:21)
05. Solace (4:40)
06. Faraway (5:35)
07. Saudade (4:55)
08. Some Kind of Sunrise (4:36)
09. Breathe Out (5:18)
10. Transience (5:28)
11. Epilogue (4:52)