An Update from Liz Story


Liz Story has recently posted an update/thank you message on Facebook. I’m sure Liz’ many fans around the world will be moved by it. 

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To All You Amazing-Inspiring-Outrageously Generous Friends and Supporters….

The past weeks of my life have been beyond any description I can find, without possibly just sounding insane.

As I think You know, I ended up at Barrows Neurological Institute in Phoenix, to have two brain surgeries…calledCraniotomy for evacuation of subdural hematoma and bilateral middle Meningeal Artery Embolization…

OK …you probably, definitely, didn’t need to know those details, or that vocabulary, but telling this to all of You, helps me feel some sort of transparency that is finally becoming comfortable and compassionate….(this is also why having a great doctor, who is also my dear brother, helps…he is a fantastic translator)

The months leading up to this shocking event were fraught with tremendous difficulties while learning and memorizing new music for a planned tour, (that already had a concert booked in early Nov.), I was very excited about this tour, a whole show of Great American Standards, performing with a wonderful group of musicians. I had recorded a CD of Standards some years ago, and had many of the complete scores of my arrangements. I felt profound enthusiasm to be working on this material and I was receiving tremendous support from many amazing musician friends.

However, not having a clue about my traumatic brain injury, I was very confused to be experiencing such dramatic exhaustion and becoming so spaced out. I didn’t know what was wrong. I was completely unaware, clueless, about he outrageous consequences of the injury I had sustained some months prior, hitting my head extremely hard, while moving lots of boxes in the process of unpacking and reorienting myself, having recently moved back to Prescott, AZ from Los Angeles where I had been living for 5-6 years, caring for my elderly parents –24/7 for the final four years of their lives….I began to think that it was possible maybe even probable, that caring for my parents, who both suffered from dementia and were both physically very fragile, that my constant focus being their caregiver for such a long period of time, could have addicted me to some form of ‘imitation’ of their condition? I even thought that it could, or would be an amusing explanation of my loss of memory?! But as my memory became noticeably worse, I began to freak out because I was also starting to have some serious balance issues along with feeling very, very tired all of the time.

I am completely humbled and stunned that during, what would have been my last hours on Planet Earth, I was totally surrounded by dear friends who rescued me, and my Doctor Brother who was, and is the deepest help.

After the surgeries, I was in Intensive Care for 12 days. When I finally came home and began the rehabilitation process, (for anyone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury), I became aware of the extreme levels of recovery that would take many, many months, if not, as I was told, possibly 1-2 years.

The experience of sitting at the piano has been startling…my right hand often shaking and difficulty bringing my right and left hand into balance and communication. Just writing this makes me cry…however, when I cry now, it is not from a place of grief. Rather, it is from a place of feeling such profound support from All of You…my tears are inspired by a true belief that I will have a Total Recovery. Now when I sit at the piano, I can’t even begin to describe the level of courage I feel being reconstructed within my whole body and spirit….all because of the most profound experience of receiving such amazing support from All of You !

Truly I am completely humbled and inspired now, every single time I sit at the piano, because I completely, mentally, emotionally and physically feel the strength and presence of All of You… a truly miraculous sensation. I even feel the courage and inspiration that will bring forth new compositions. You All are my Caregivers and each of you has given me a new deep faith in new skills playing the piano and feeling new compositions on the way.

Faith can move mountains, however you guys knew to also bringing lots of serious shovels!!


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