Andreas Vollenweider – LIVE@HOME


After almost 10 years of silence, there’s finally news from Andreas Vollenweider! He has been creative during this time; on October 2nd he will release a new album called “Quiet Places”. He will also release a novel in German called “Im Spiegel der Venus” (“Reflections of Venus”). And that is not all; Andreas has held four mini-concerts called LIVE@HOME, which you can enjoy below! 

A great place to start this personal message from Andreas:

“Quiet Places” contains 10 thematic improvisations, calm, moving, intimate, personal, close. Of course, Andreas plays his harp and here and there the piano, the young cello player Isabel Gehweiler slips “under our skin” with her haunting, soulful and vibrant playing and now and then Walter Keiser joins in with filigree grooving drums.

QUIET PLACES is a musical treat for precious, quiet moments, for the more subtle feelings, a source of strength for the wild ride out there in the crazy world…

You can sample all tracks on the album here.

The LIVE@HOME concerts – Andreas playing in his studio in Switzerland:

Next LIVE@HOME Mini-Concerts scheduled June 24th and July 8th, 20:00 Zurich (CEST), 2pm New York, 11am, San Francisco.

The Novel “Reflections of Venus” is a story about the creative interrelation of consciousness, imagination and reality. The novel is currently being translated to English.  You can learn more about the book here.

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