Australis – Adrift out now



Australis’ new album is called Adrift, and it has been released today. In connection with the album, the band’s webpage has been redesigned too.

The album has been several years in the making, and is marking the 10th anniversary since Australis became an artistic identity. Adrift is the band’s fourth musical offering, and it contains twelve songs. It is said to “take the mind to the uncharted lands where emotions roam free; this album represents a very intimate portrait of the human soul as it sorts the always uncertain waters of life.”

Adrift is available for sampling at Please be aware that visitors using Internet Explorer will not be able to play music on the page. Please consider using Firefox or Chrome. The album is not yet up on Spotify or iTunes.

Australis is a music project based in Rocky Mountains, Utah, United States.


1. Adrift (4:32)
2. Silhouettes (4:31)
3. Cursed (5:22)
4. Deep Americas (4:17)
5. Fragile by design (4:20)
6. Afternoons in Paradise (4:26)
7. 1:42 (6:42)
8. Homecoming (4:53)
9. The lunatic – part two (4:17)
10. Slip away with me (3:48)
11. Epilogue (3:46)
12. Turns of faith (5:13)