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Best Of Mythos Vinyl Collection



Mythos has launched a Pledgemusic campaign to finance the Best Of Mythos vinyl collection. Bob D’Eith writes:

Do you still have a record player? Have you put any of your records on lately? I have. My 18 year old son bought a record player and started listening to my old vinyl collection. We will just sit and talk and listen, something that we haven’t done in a while. I forgot how music was supposed to sound. I forgot how amazing the artwork was. Now I am listening to vinyl all the time. It just sounds better.

We are asking our fans to support the idea of pressing vinyl for the 20th year anniversary Best of Mythos series. Pledgemusic is a great service, like Indiegogo or Kickstarter, but aimed primarily at music, which I love.

Please support Mythos. Check out the campaign and let’s fulfill a dream to have the music available in a format that is truly awesome.

Go to Pledgemusic.