Carl Borden Signs with Real Music


Real Music is announcing that they have signed multi-talented musician and composer Carl Borden to their label.

Already garnishing accolades, Carl’s “Echoes of Bliss”, (released November 11th), has been honored by the Global Music Awards with silver medals for both Best New Age Album and Album Production.

Carl’s music has been featured on both Fox and VH1 network popular television shows, won a Global Music Award in 2015, and debuted on Billboard’s Hot Single Sales Chart at #4.

“I compose with the intention of bringing the listener peace and serenity, no matter the situation or issue they’re facing.”

“Listeners and musicians often wonder how, from among the hundreds of album submissions we receive each year, which ones will be chosen for the label. While there is no formula I follow, listening to this much music provides me with a broad palette. Rather than being confusing, it becomes a backdrop against which the gems I am seeking readily sparkle. Such was the case with Carl Borden — immediate recognition of a recording compatible with the overall resonance of the Real Music sound. My oft-spoken reply to the musician’s question of ‘Why do you pick certain albums?’ is ‘They either make me smile or exhale an “aha” of quiet joy.’ I hope that will be your experience of Echoes of Bliss.” —Terence Yallop, President/Real Music

You can sample the complete album on the Real Music homepage.