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Celebrating the Silences


steveThirty years after his breakthrough album, Steve Roach is still in the Sonoran Desert creating “resonant sonic spaces”

Jason P. Woodbury of Tuscon Weekly has done an amazing interview with and presentation of Steve Roach’ music:

Roach is best known for making music that is serene, meditative and soothing, music that bends and slows its listener’s sense of time. But in this moment he’s driving with rock ‘n’ roll force, hugging curves and barreling ahead. The road dips and rises, and as I struggle to keep his black pickup in sight I glance at the valley below. It’s a broad wash of brown and green.

Roach loves driving, he explains as we arrive at the Timeroom, where Roach has recorded most of his work for the past two decades. Growing up in San Diego in the ’70s, he took to the burgeoning sport of motocross—a passion he says isn’t incongruous with his music.

“There’s a real kind of discipline you have to have if you’re going to do it fully; you have to be fully awake and present,” Roach says. “Your life depends on it. All of those things relate right over to what would become my path in music. You’re completely in; you’re inside of it, your life depends on it. That set the tone.”

Read it here.