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Complete Albums on YouTube

The CD cover to the left and Youtube to the right. The past and future of music?

YouTube is great for many things, and for the music enthusiast it is a real treasure chest. Here I will give a presentation of a few complete New Age music albums that are available for streaming. I am not entirely convinced that is a good thing though, but as long as they are there they are available for streaming. Perhaps it is a symbol of what our world of media consumption has come to…

My first question was; can these albums be legal? With the Napster case of the late 1990s in mind I did some research on the topic, and it seems like there is an agreement between the major record labels and YouTube that allows this kind of streaming. The label gets paid for video advertising through a system called ContentID. So when you watch the ad you “pay” for the music playback. It is a source of controversy though, but if the label wanted to remove a video due to copyright issues, YouTube would have to take it off the net right away (and have the song automatically blocked by ContentID).

Support Artists
That said, if you really want to support the artists in question you should buy the album on Amazon or iTunes. Another issue is of course sound quality. Not all of the below videos have CD quality. For offline playback you’ll need a music on demand service – or better, a CD or LP. But when watching these “album movies” the artists and labels are getting paid (at least a few cents per playback),  so it should be ok. If not, Google asks the copyright holders to report the music through ContentID to block the music in question.

The below are just examples. There are many more available.

Complete Enigma albums on YouTube

If you haven’t seen it, here is a presentation of ContentID: