Cosmo Frequency – Soundtrack to Life review


cosmoIn music artists usually get praise for having found their voice, format and expression. With Cosmo Frequency’s debut album Soundtrack to Life it is different. How wonderful it is to hear artists who are playful and not afraid to take chances. Soundtrack to Life is a like a box of chocolates, filled with surprises – just like life itself.

Cosmo Frequency is a group formed by keyboardists Paul Martinson and Brent Vincent, with vocals by Lisa Wegener. Here is their own presentation:

Paul and Brent both started creating original music at a young age, and both became adept at utilizing electronic keyboards, synthesizers, sequencers and computers to create their own music. Martinson was a member of a new age music recording group while Vincent pursued a career in DJ-live-mixing at dance clubs. They shared their music with each other as school children, lost track of each other for more than two decades, reconnected via the Internet, felt they were on the same frequency and began working together again on this musical project.

Something for Everybody
On the first track, Cosmo Frequency sounds a bit like Enigma or Deep Forest, with the ethereal samples, a poem and lush pads. But it doesn’t last. From here we get a taste of Jean Michel Jarre, a bit of trance and dance, some 80s analogue synth music and the pop inspired World of Light. It is really a fresh and bold mix; hard to label, but all the more easy to like.

The cover artwork is very nice. The stars, the gramophone and the band just standing there illustrate Cosmo Frequency’s eclectic style. The album is mixed to perfection, and never boring. The best track to me is Apollo Skies, which has a very catchy melody. Hear for yourself:

Soundtrack to Life is one of 2013’s best debut albums. Perhaps Paul and Brent haven’t totally found their frequency yet – but that is OK. This is a soundtrack I feel lucky to have in my life. I’m sure you’ll like it too. 

Score: 91/100 – see how we rate music here.

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