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Fiona Joy confronts her 'new age music' tag



Fiona Joy has been interviewed in The Sydney Morning Herald, where she confronts her ‘new age music’ tag.

Don’t get Fiona Joy started on names. Not her own, though until recently the pianist, composer and, often these days, singer was known personally and professionally as Fiona Joy Hawkins. (Now, post-divorce, she’s sticking with Fiona Joy and all the attendant word plays of the “finding the joy” variety.)

In fact, the name that really annoys her – and has annoyed her for more than a decade – is the musical genre “new age”.

It’s what Joy’s recordings were tagged almost from the start in 2004 as her instrumental music on piano – and occasionally with others, such as her current tour companions, The Blue Dream Ensemble –  took her from northern NSW to the US and beyond. It’s the  genre under which she has won numerous awards, including being named best new age artist of 2013 in the [All] New Age Stars Radio awards in the US. It’s where you’ll find her in stores and online.

But Joy couldn’t wait to drop the tag, to step away from a genre more derided than admired – usually by people who hadn’t heard her music and assumed it was elevator music, fancy whale noises or notes to be massaged by.
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As you can see in bold above, the blog you are reading was mentioned too. The journalist is refering to our yearly award – New Age Stars Radio Awards.