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First single from Nitish Kulkarni



It’s always exciting to check out a new artist, and it feels even more rewarding when you realize that this is an artist that has the potential to become a star. So far Nitish Kulkarni has only released one single and a few clips from his upcoming album, but it is easy to hear that this is an artist that has a lot in store for us.

Nitish Kulkarni is 20 years old and comes from Bloomington, IN, United States. His upcoming album Synesthetic is being produced by John Adorney and will be released on the EverSound label.

Beautiful Mermaid
The name of Kulkarni’s single is Mermaid. It is a Spotify exclusive release, which might indicate that this is more of a test than an actual release. But there’s no reason for holding back, because Mermaid is an amazing song! Kulkarni’s style reminds a bit about Medwyn Goodall, Davol or John Adorney, with a chilled and carefree attitude. The synth work here is very well done.

Our genre is in desperate need of youthful energy and fresh faces. Most major artists in New Age music debuted in the 1970s and 80s, and doesn’t have the same drive to make bold and different music anymore. In today’s music business it is also much harder to get a big and lasting breakthrough.

It is too early to say if Kulkarni will become a major artist, but Mermaid is a more than promising first single.



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