FLOW – The New Age Music Supergroup



FLOW is a newly formed group which stands for:  Fiona (Joy) , Lawrence (Blatt), Oster (Jeff)  and Will (Ackerman). With Will and Tom Eaton producing, this group will surely capture the essence of today’s New Age music.

In early 2015, Lawrence Blatt invited Fiona Joy and Jeff Oster to join him at Will Ackerman’s Imaginary Road Studios to create an album Inspired by the iconic Windham Hill ensembles. Once recording began, it became clear that Will could be an essential part of this group as an artist as well as producer. When invited, Will was happy to join the others and FLOW was born.

Now in October and November, the groupd will be back in the studio at Imaginary Road to record overdubs during Jeff Haynes, Tony Levin, Eugene Friesen and others will be adding their amazing talents to the album.

The friendship and musicianship for the New Age group FLOW started way back in 2007, as seen in the below video.

When you put four writers/musicians into a project together you are bound to come up with something unexpected, words like synergy and synthesis come to mind –  a true melding of styles. A bit like Windham Hill meets Pink Floyd!

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