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Get to know EverSound Radio


Update July 2019: Please note that EverSound radio has gone offline. 

To find the music by your favorite EverSound artist, see eversound.com


EverSound, a label known for bestselling artists such as John Adorney, Diane Arkenstone and Michael Whalen, has recently added a web radio channel to their ever-growing catalog. Tune in and experience timeless & heartfelt music spanning the label’s 20-year history, totally ad-free.   

“We continue to upload new CDs, and the station now plays close to 500 tracks, interspersed with greetings from the artists.“ says EverSound manager Javier Sanz.

The label is known for its unique sound, which is a creative fusion of New Age music, contemporary instrumental and easy listening. For longtime fans, EverSound is like a genre definition of its own. This consistency in sound makes the channel ideal for creative work, reading or relaxing.

Indeed, some of the music featured on this channel is among the best New Age music ever published. Here you’ll get to hear jewels by Curtis Macdonald, Ron Clearfield, Stuart Hoffman, Nitish Kulkarni and many more. It is a non-stop, commercial-free, “best of the best” channel. Randy Baltzell is also represented. Last year he published his debut album “Heart of Wilderness” to much acclaim.

In North America, Canada & the UK you can tune in here: https://live365.com/station/EverSound-Music-a28083 

In other regions, you´ll need to follow this link: http://streaming.live365.com/a28083

Remember to bookmark! 🙂 

When you hear something you like, go to EverSound.com for information about the album where the song is taken from.