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How new age healing music shaped underground music in 2018


Webpage dazeddigital.com has posted an article called “How new age healing music shaped underground music in 2018”, written by Kieran Devlin. It is a must-read for both artists and fans of our genre. 

The article goes like this:

“In 2018, the trend for all things new age became an everyday mundanity. Meditation and yoga are universally endorsed methods of exercising and de-stressing, you don’t have to look too hard to find more avant-garde treatments like gong baths or bowl therapy, and mindfulness apps like Headspace are just a few taps away on your phone. It’s infiltrated popular culture, too, be it the prevalence of tarot cards, crystal grids, and astrology, the fact that 1.5 million Americans say they’re practicing witches, or how a show like Netflix’s recent zeitgeist-tapping The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina seamlessly integrated wicca mythology and mysticism into an otherwise conventional high school melodrama.

This ubiquity is echoed by the state of music in 2018. Last month, the idea was explicitly embodied when electronic artist Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s announced that her next album was designed to accompany her mother’s yoga sessions, but more quietly, a renaissance of new age music ideas is filtering into the mainstream. While this encompasses affiliated genres like ambient and drone music (with exemplary records from Sarah Davachi, Laurel Halo, and Ian William Craig this year), new age ideas aren’t only vibrating through yoga teachers’ speakers, but nightclub subwoofers. There are festivals and events dedicated to wellness raves, sober parties celebrating spirituality and healthy living through dance music without a gurn in sight. Sober or not though, clubbing has always been clued into spirituality, and this is reflected in dance music’s creation and consumption.”

Read the complete article here. Highly recommended!

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