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Iasos in New York Times



New York Times has an amazing presentation of Iasos’ music – and an interview with this one of a kind artist.

It’s important to remember that music has both aesthetic value and use value, though at live performances, it’s generally the first of those things that gets priority. But people turn to music for plenty of reasons — sometimes they want to be entertained, sometimes they want to be healed, sometimes they want to be told they’re healable.

So it made sense, then, that before the New Age music pioneer Iasos began his performance at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn on Tuesday night, he talked about what he was hoping to achieve, which had something to do with the bank of keyboards behind him, but maybe more to do with the state of commitment of the people in the room. His goal, he said, was to collectively “create a force field in this room that elevates all of us.”

Read it here.