Interview with Phil Coulter


philClick to read a new interview with Phil Coulter by The 2001 Grammy nominated artist in the New Age music category looks back on his amazing career.

“If I’d realized 20 years ago that Id be still doing this at 72, I would have retired back then,” jokes Phil Coulter when asked how it feels to have a new album out.

Coulter doesn’t know the meaning of the word relax. He moves from one project to the next and has been doing so for nearly 50 years. 

Write songs for teen idols? Check. Single-handedly invent New Age music with your Tranquility series? Check. Lead a swelling orchestra throughout the globe as part of Celtic Thunder, one of the most successful touring shows of all time? Check! 

Though he operates at a breakneck pace, he slows it down a bit on Echoes of Home: The Most Glorious Celtic Memories.  It is indeed a glorious return to the Tranquility era that made him a star in his own right after spending decades behind the scenes as a producer and songwriter. 

“Believe it or not, Classic Tranquility was 20 some odd years ago,” he says in disbelief.  “The orchestras have been getting bigger and the scores more lush as I’ve gone out on these big tours and worked on the Celtic Thunder show. 

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