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Interview with Yanni about Inspirato



Click to hear 9news.com’s interview with Yanni in connection with the Inspirato release.

The instrumental melodies of internationally renowned composer Yanni have gained him over 40 platinum and gold albums. He’s now launched a world tour in support of a new album featuring what Yanni says are the greatest singers in the world. We talked to him about “Inspirato” on 9NEWS 8 a.m.

Yanni collaborated with legendary operatic performer Placido Domingo and producer Ric Wake on this project, which he says took four years to complete and over 30 years to compose the music that inspired it.

Each song has a deeply personal story behind it according to the musician. ‘Ode alla Grecia’ (which was formerly the instrumental ‘End of August’) was composed when Yanni was at home in his native Greece, watching all the tourists departing at the end of summer.

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