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John Adorney – The Wind Pearl



One of the most popular artists in New Age music, John Adorney, has launched a Kickstarter project for the funding of his new CD  called The Wind Pearl. John writes:

Many of you are probably aware of (or were a part of) my 2013 Kickstarter campaign for THE WONDER WELL. That campaign was a great success, thanks to the enthusiastic response of those of you who participated. One important thing I learned from that campaign is that people really enjoy participating and being a part of a project they believe in. I also enjoyed contacting so many of you on a personal level through our emails and our phone conversations.

2014 was a busy year for me – producing three albums for other musical artists … BUT! …  on those spare days and moments when there was a lull in the action, I’d slip off to my studio to work on the music for this new CD, The Wind Pearl. Now, it’s nearing completion, and I again invite you to help get it finished. 

I’m very excited about The Wind Pearl. As with my previous CDs, it’s primarily instrumental, featuring a variety of musical instruments, rhythms and world flavors. It also features (or will feature) my two favorite vocal contributors: the lovely Daya, who has lent her beautiful voice to all of my previous CDs, and frequent collaborator Marcel Adjibi, who delivers a really cool African vocal on the track “Little Bird.” Check out the video above, and you can hear some samples of the new music.

What will the money be used for?

The money raised here at Kickstarter will be used for all those out-of-pocket expenses needed to create the final product:

 – paying the hired musicians

– mixing and mastering

– the artwork

– the manufacturing

– the Kickstarter and Amazon fees (around 9-10% of the total)

What do you get?

Aside from the satisfaction of helping support the arts you love and enjoy, there are some specific gifts that you’ll receive for your pledge. The different levels of participation can be read about on the right side of this page. The pledge levels vary from $15 (you get a digital download of the CD) to $1,000 (at which level you’re an Executive Producer!).

What if we go over the $5,300?

With THE WONDER WELL, we had a goal of $5,000 and raised over $6,800 through our Kickstarter campaign. The extra money we raised helped pay for promotion for the CD, which is something that can really help take the music to a new audience. This would be the plan with The Wind Pearl.

Go to Kickstarter.