Kej: I aspire to bring positive change


windsofsamsaraThis year’s Grammy winner for New Age Music, Ricky Key, has been interviewed by Alfred Shimray at webpage It goes like this:

On winning the Grammy, Rickey says, “It’s an amazing feeling. It has put me on a whole new level. This has given me a lot of validation for my music, it is like somebody has pointed out to me and said ‘good job’. It has made me carry on doing this kind of music and carry on with a lot more enthusiasm.”

Sharing his views on music and being successful, Rickey says he aspires to bring positive change in the world through his music.

On choosing a career in music, Rickey says, “If you are very confident about your abilities as a musician then you should go ahead and do it and not bother about anybody else’s advice.” But he also says, “Discipline and passion is very important to be a good musician. When it comes to music or any other form of art, it does not have a well-defined career path unlike a career in engineering, medical science, or law. So one has to work much harder and be more disciplined and passionate.”

However, considering the new challenges in this fast-paced age made possible through internet and social networking, the Grammy winner says, “Finding the right audience is still a huge hurdle. It is still very hard for artists and bands to get to the right people.

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Editor’s notice: Ricky Key won the New Age Music Grammy award together with Wouter Kellerman.