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Kitaro – Tamayura


Tamayura is the name of a 2013 release by Kitaro. It is a wonderful theatrical score by this prolific New Age artist whose music exceeds with each passing year during his four-decades-long career. 

By John P. Olsen

Tamayura is a musical score which brings authenticity to the characters of a theatrical production by Kochi Tamano and Harupin-Ha Butoh Dance Theater from the year 2000. Available as a DVD, CD, and on streaming services, Tamayura is indeed a quality release that exceeds over an hours of then new material in the genres of New Age and international music.

Sample the album and find it on your favorite streaming service:
With each release, a fresh perspective of the artist’s personality is revealed, as is the unlimited expertise as composer, which isn’t easy to achieve even for the most accomplished artist. It’s clear after three decades of composing electronic and instrumental music, Kitaro pursues perfection and the all-important essential characteristic of creating the highest quality music. His most recent release is the single Sayake, released in September last year.

In this case as most circumstances it is a challenge to write an accurate music review by listening to song samples only, but Tamayura does lend itself to an assessment in general terms simply by the unique departure from earlier releases. The 7 songs on Kitaro’s newest album are: Introduction, Magma, Mercury, Sitara, Nageki, Beam Wave & Uranus.

For more information and music samples, visit domomusicgroup.com/kitaro.

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Source. Picture by Yamaha5. CC BY-SA 4.0