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Liquid Mind – Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes



Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes is the name of a new compilation from Chuck Wild’s Liquid Mind, to be released tomorrow September 30th. Here he revisits some of his favorite tracks from his 20 year career, this time mixing with the cleansing, healing and comforting sounds of the rain and ocean. Chuck says:

I think there’s a deep connection for each of us with the sounds of nature, it’s something that’s in our DNA, and is not peculiar to New Age or any other form of music, though New Age artists have long embraced the use of nature sound audio. Especially in our e-world, where there are so many distractions and competitions for our time, I think folks just don’t get outside enough, and music or sound effects that we associate with more relaxed times can be very healing. …  In 1988 when I was experiencing panic attacks and stress I didn’t go to the ocean expecting to be so deeply relaxed by the sound, it just happened unexpectedly. The constancy and deep sonic resonance of the ocean was and is comforting. I think rain sounds can be relaxing for many of the same reasons.

The album can be pre-ordered on iTunes and Amazon.