A Look into Deep Forest’s Studio


It is always exciting to get a glimpse into the studio of a major artist. Usually we only get to hear the finished, polished product – not the rough sketches that may or may not become a song. In this video Éric Mouquet/Deep Forest gives a view into his studio, playing the magnificent Waldorf Wave synth, carefully constructing larger-than-life pads.

About the video Éric writes:

“Some pads I designed for my next project, mostly ambient orchestral flavour. The wavetables I use are based on PPG2.2 and Korg WS. I especialy like the grainy sound of these wavetables, the analog filter is really amazing. The reverb is controlled by the Wave Aux modulated by velocity or modwheel.”

All I can say is; let’s hope we get to hear more of this on the new Deep Forest album! What a great instrument – and an amazing artist!

Front page picture by Jim Ankan Deka. Above picture by the artist.