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Man reconnects with Yanni after 25 years


Paso Robles Press brings the story of how the return of Yanni brings peace after a tragic murder.

Beth Giuffre in Paso Robles Press writes: 

“Dane Senser and his family recently attended the Yanni Acropolis Anniversary concert at Vina Robles Amphitheatre for a reason one could never imagine.

Senser and his family also attended a Yanni concert 25 years ago as a tribute to his brother, Karl, who should have been there with them, but was brutally murdered in a San Diego carjacking. Karl Senser, who worked as a clipper for the local newspapers and as a ballroom dancing instructor, was planning on going to the Yanni concert in San Diego in the early 90s. He was dreaming about how wonderful it would be to take his mother, Mildred, as a Mother’s Day gift. But Karl Senser never made it to the show.

Instead, on Mother’s Day, when he was returning from a retreat with two female friends in Borrego Springs, 43-year-old Karl Senser was kidnapped, robbed and murdered. Two men killed Senser so they could drive his car back to their home in the same city, a violent act that was later found to be part of a string of crimes the men committed in San Diego at the time. ” (….)

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It is, as always, amazing to see how much positive energy Yanni gives his fans.