Mars Lasar – In-Flight Relax Review



mars-lasar-in-flight-relaxThe summer is not quite over yet, so music for travel is always welcome. I am often amazed of how songs I have heard before sound different somehow when they are included in a compilation. On the original album the song was perhaps a slow interlude between two fast and rhythmic songs, while on the compilation it can be one of many chilled songs.

An example of this is the compilation In-Flight Relax by Mars Lasar. For instance, on the original album (Yosemite, Valley Of The Giants, 2006) the song Wilderness Trail was the peaceful part between two dramatic songs (Merced River and Yosemite Valley) – while on In-Flight Relax it is the album’s intro and the beginning of a beautiful and relaxing journey. So compilations definitely give new perspectives to songs.

This compilation contains songs from all parts of Mars Lasar’s long artist career, from the very beginning (the wonderful Many Miles from his first album, Olympus, released in 1992) to the latest. But when listening to In-Flight Relax I try, as noted above, not to think of the song’s track number on the original album – but as a part of the compilation with the “relaxing flight” theme. And wow, we are in for a treat here – it is way more calming than pills or the classical music you are likely to find in the in-flight relaxation channel (as a frequent flyer I must add that some (but not all) airlines have New Age music in their in-flight radio program).

Put In-Flight Relax on, and you are all set for take off!

My favorite song on the album, which also is a top performing song on New Age Stars Radio, is Awakenings. A more relaxing and positive song is hard to find. When listening to the song it is like flying on a cloudless, sunny day. And the best part is the awesome track progression; at about 3 minutes it speeds up and takes you even higher. Another very impressive song is At the end of the day.

I must mention that even though some of these songs were released in the early 1990s, they still sound fresh and updated. They are a statement of Mars Lasar’s instrumental music talent – and that they have a life of their own outside the original recording.

From now on In-Flight Relax is a permanent part of my travel gear, just as sure as my passport.

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