Masako – Underwater Whisperer


“Underwater Whispereris Masako’s fourth album, produced by Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road Studios. Listening to the album, it is easy to understand why Masako has become one of today’s most popular artists on the New Age music scene. 

Here’s the title track: 

The CD is available here.

Get to know the artist
Masako was born and raised in Japan and started piano lessons at age four. She worked for Yamaha Music Foundation as a certified instructor. Her interest in music is not only classical genre but rock, jazz and R&B. Masako performed as a soloist and in a band at various venues in and around Tokyo. In early 80’s, she came to know Windham Hill music and was totally mesmerized.

Years after Masako moved to the US with her family, she asked Will Ackerman to produce her first album. She has recorded four albums at Imaginary Road Studios so far, and her music can be heard on SiriusXM, Pandora, Whisperings Solo Piano radio and through many other media.

In my review of her debut album, called “Masako”, we wrote that: “Don’t you just love music that almost instantly enters your heart and soul, that from the very first note seems to connect with you? One such album for me is Masako (2012), which is also the name of the artist behind this fine release.

In the past few years, Masako performed in classical chamber music concerts, operas, and New Age music concerts including Whisperings All-Star Concert 2019.

In the Spring of 2020, Masako will release a new album called “Hidden Flowers”, also produced by Ackerman and Eaton.  

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