Matteo Palmer is Really, Really Good



Vermont webpage Seven Days has a nice article about Matteo Palmer. It goes like this:

Earlier this year, I reviewed the debut record from Vergennes-based fingerstyle guitarist Matteo Palmer, Out of Nothing. If you missed it, here’s a quick summation of that review: Holy shit.

Palmer is an 18-year-old prodigy and the protégé of Grammy-winning guitarist, producer, Windham Hill Records founder and reluctant New Age-music paragon Will Ackerman, about whom I wrote a cover story earlier this year. If you missed that piece, here’s another quick summation: Will Ackerman is the most interesting man in the world. (Also, why do you keep missing my stories? Rude.) I interviewed Palmer for the piece on Ackerman, as the two worked closely together on Palmer’s jaw-dropping record. At the time, Palmer was a senior in high school and anxiously waiting to hear from various music schools to which he’d applied. I wasn’t asked to write Palmer a recommendation. But if I had been, here’s yet another quick summation of what it would have said: Sweet baby Jesus, that kid can effin’ play.

Maybe it’s better he didn’t ask me to do that. Anyway, rather than going to school, Palmer decided to take the year off, a decision this column wholeheartedly endorses. I mean, Ackerman himself dropped out of Stanford with five credits left before graduation and never went back to school. He seems to have turned out OK.

Read it here.