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Medwyn Goodall – No Strings Attached

We love books about new age music here on New Age Music Odyssey. One of the best is without a doubt Medwyn Goodall’s autobiography from 2000 called No Strings Attached. This book – or ebook is the right word – was gone from the selection at the MG Music website for a few years. But now it is back. It is very funny, at least if you like cats and renovating houses…

Here is a short presentation:

Mad, funny, bizarre and entirely TRUE! A unique and very rare opportunity to experience the life Medwyn and Wendy Goodall have led. The book follows Medwyn from age 5 through to 40 and currently ends around 2000. We hope to add further chapters or a sequel one day, time and sanity permitting.

The PDF costs £2,99 here.

Or you could wait until Medwyn finds the time to write about the last 15 years or so…