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Michael Dulin – My Beloved preorder



Michael Dulin’s upcoming album My Beloved can now be preordered on Amazon. The album will be released on 20 January 2015. Below is a sample of this romantical release:

Michael Diamond has already a review ready of this album. He writes:

The album is accurately described in its subtitle as “A Solo Piano Love Story.” My Beloved is one of the most romantic albums I’ve heard and and makes every time you listen to it feel like Valentine’s Day. If I had to choose one word to describe the music of Michael Dulin it would be “evocative.” No matter what the mood or tempo of his compositions may be, they have the power to draw forth deep feelings from the heart and conjure rich imagery in the mind’s eye of the listener. As mentioned, there is great stylistic range in Michael’s writing that keeps you eagerly awaiting to hear what he will do next as the album unfolds.