Mike Oldfield's Metal Gear Solid Success


Over the summer, Mike Oldfield’s song Nuclear, from the Man on the Rocks album, has become one of the top songs on Spotify’s 50 Viral Songs list. Why? Because the song is being used in the game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

It is always nice to see that New Age music artists are having success outside the realm of the genre. I recently wrote an article about how New Age music artists have made music for some of the biggest and most popular console games. Now we can add Mike Oldfield to this exclusive list.

Massive title
Metal Gear Solid is a game from Hideo Kojima, and it is one of the most popular game franchises. The song Nuclear is used in the game’s official trailer:

It must be said that the style of Mike Oldfield’s most recent album, Man on the Rocks, is not New Age music. Nuclear is more of a soft rock song. But I don’t think that is important; even Entertainment Weekly, who comments the songs success, makes a point out of the fact that Mike is usually associated with New Age music. Here’s my review of the Man on the Rocks album.

You can see how the song has risen in popularity on Mike’s Spotify page:



Mike has made music for computer games before; his 2002 game MusicVR. But that is another story 🙂