Moya Brennan talks about Enya


Newspaper Irish Mirror has a story about Moya Brennan, Clannad star and Enya’s older sister. Her relationship with Enya is of course one of the topics in this story.

About Enya Moya says:

“She [Enya] has done so well and is a superstar. People see that she is special.”

“She toured with us after she left school and she stayed for two and a half or three years.

“She wanted to do her own thing. She had a more classical than traditional leaning.

“She worked so hard on finding her own sound, the way she sings, the way she plays everything on her recordings and it is special and people love it.

“We are very happy for her. Her style was self-contained. We respect her for that because that’s how she wants to be known.”

Read the complete story here. It is not all about Enya. 

The newspaper quotes the BBC Two program Beart is Briathar.