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Juliet Lyons – My Siren Song



My Siren Song is the name of Juliet Lyons’ debut album from 2009. Juliet’s magnificent soprano voice and a creative fusion between New Age, Chill Out and Classical Crossover, make this into an unforgettable album. For fans of Sarah Brightman, Loreena McKennitt, Enigma, and Enya My Siren Song is a must have. It is like a warm Caribbean breeze.

It is interesting to see how a studio location can have an impact on an album. My Siren Song is recorded on the island of Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. And when you are listening to the album, it is like a warm breeze is also blowing.

Juliet Lyons is a classically trained singer, and this is obvious on all the album’s ten tracks. Her singing is nothing but perfect. In my opinion she is on par with Sarah Brightman. It is so soulful and heartfelt. The classical training is also visible in the song design. They are all well polished, with a nice build up and conclusion.

But don’t get me wrong. My Siren Song is far from easy listening. On the contrary, her lyrics also include world problems and suffering. And since her voice is so amazing, you can help listening to the lyrics. Sample the song Behind the Future and you’ll see what I mean. But I think this shows that My Siren Song is about real feelings, and that is rare these days.

For the meditation music crowd, Juliet has created the song Peace Within. It is a wonderful, slow song about the bliss of having total inner peace. Dreaming of the Hajar is a large dose of Enigma, where Juliet’s voice is more in the background. But still it is there and creates an ethereal atmosphere. Perhaps Michael Cretu of Enigma should give Juliet a call?

For fans of Sarah Brightman, Loreena McKennitt, Enigma, and Enya My Siren Song is a must have.

The production is very well done. The synths sound great and the beats are fresh. Some might think that it is a bit too much, since Juliet’s voice in itself is quite powerful. They would have wanted nothing but a gentle piano and perhaps a violin. But I find it to be just right for the genre and for the project. This is after all not supposed to be classical music.

My Siren Song is in every way a great album, and a very promising debut. This is an album that fans of either New Age or Chill Out safely can give as presents to their friends and family, since it has a mainstream, pop-ish sound. But it also has the atmosphere of the above mentioned genres, which in sum is a truly amazing mix.

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