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New Age music and the olympics


Not only did Mike Oldfiled play in the Summer Olympics ceremony in London – New Age music is also a topic in this article in the Wall Street Journal, entitled No-Shows a Part of Opening Ceremony:

Bonnie Blair, a four-time Olympian and five-time gold medalist, skipped the ceremony before the 1992 Games in Albertville, France. As she watched on 1V with her roommate, she wasn’t envious of the athletes at the stadium. Mostly, she was just puzzled by the ceremony, which featured acrobats dangling from bungee cords to the sound of new age music. “Their pageantry was a little bizarre: Blair said. “I remember laying there in our beds watching and thinking, ‘I’m so glad that I’m in my bed right now.'”

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Here is a video of Mike Oldfield’s legendary London Olympics performance: