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New Age music keeps me engaged



Guest columnist Rick Watson in the newspaper Thomastontimes.com has written a great article called New Age music keeps me engaged. It is always interesting to read how New Age music is being perceived and used.

It goes like this:

Jilda and I listen to New Age music as we sip our morning coffee. Most of it is instrumental. The ones with vocals somehow weave the words into the orchestration so that the voices sound like another instrument.

There’s a difference between New Age and elevator music. It’s hard to explain, but to me, most elevator music is bland, where New Age is more lilting and often ethereal.

I remember the first time we were ever exposed to New Age music. I was in Boston on a training trip and Jilda tagged along. We did all the touristy things – walked the freedom trail, the Old North Church, and ate Boston Baked Beans from a white porcelain cup at a small café. We chose a window seat so that we could watch people strolling down the streets on that beautiful spring day.

That afternoon, we drove to Salem, Massachusetts. We learned about the Salem Witch Trials and toured the House of Seven Gables Museum. The house was the setting for Nathanial Hawthorn’s book by that name.

Later, we visited a small shop owned by Laurie Cabot, who is the official witch of Salem. The shop was a unique experience. It had lamps, candles, and crystals. She also offered music CDs and books on history, spells, chants, and therapeutic spanking….OK, I’m kidding about the spanking.

 Read it here.