New Age Music Top Selling Artists



There are not many New Age Music artists in the elite division of the American music business. But we have one or two true superstars here. Recording Industry Assosiation of America (RIAA) has recently published a list of the best of the best.

The only two New Age music superstars in the US are:

  • Enya – 26,5 million albums sold.
  • Yanni – 11 million albums sold.

Enya also has the albums A Day Without Rain and Shepherd Moons on the top 100 bestselling albums list. A Day Without Rain has sold 7 million copies

There are no surprises on the top of the bestselling artists list: The Beatles have sold 177 million albums, while Elvis Presley has sold 134,5 million albums. Garth Brooks is no. 3 with 128 million.

See the complete list of artists here.

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