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New Age Stars Radio Awards 2014



2014 has been a fantastic year for New Age music! The artistic quality of the releases is generally very high, and the genre still has a large and enthusiastic following. In today’s busy and hectic world the interest for music as a relaxation and meditation tool is growing by the day.  

There are however a few dark clouds on the sky. The music economy shows few signs of improving. Streaming formats, such as Spotify and YouTube, are not giving artists in niche genres a decent income. An artist could in the past make a living by selling 5.000-8.000 copies a year. Now the artist will need several million streams to make the same amount of money. But there’s no way back; The music business has changed forever.

2014 has been a great year for New Age Stars Radio. We’re still amazed by numbers of listeners that follow the show each week, and we would like to thank every one of you. We would also like to thank our sponsors. Without your continued support there would be no radio. Again: thank you!

So before we write 2015, let’s look back at some of the best music 2014 gave us.

The results for the 5th annual New Age Stars Radio Awards: 

  • Best New Age music artist 2014: 2002 
  • Best New Age music album 2014: Nitish Kulkarni – Synesthetic  
  • Best Alternative New Age music album 2014: Doug Hammer and Amethyste – Secret World  

This year we didn’t hand out the “Best Debut Album” price since Nitish Kulkarni is a debut artist. In a way he won this price too 🙂 

From the editor: Note that none of the award winning artists have purchased our music promotion “Star Coverage Pack”.