New Album by 2002 in October



The new album by 2002, Trail of Dreams, will be released in October. It has the following back-story: 

Fate sends us on journeys. Some are planned. Many are not. A journey may begin within the mind, as it did for Mukunda Lal Ghosh before he journeyed to the west. Or it may begin with a dream or inspiration, as it did for St Brendan the navigator. Perhaps your destiny takes you unwillingly, as it did when Honora O’Flynn was swept from a shore in Ireland and brought to America. There are those that seek adventure and those that have adventure thrust upon them.

This collection of songs explores that insatiable desire to find new worlds, to challenge fate and to soothe curiosity. A common thread runs throughout our myths and legends, regardless of where we are from. The hero’s journey echoes endlessly throughout the tapestry of all human experience.


Randy and Pamela Copus writes:

It’s hard to believe we are finally finished recording Trail of Dreams. Some of the songs have been almost 3 years in the making! But everything happens for a reason. Sarah has become quite a musician and singer during those years. Her contributions to the 2002 sound are impressive. We are all so excited to share this new path in our journey with you! Thank you for traveling with us!