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New album by Andrew Kinsella



The new album Andrew Kinsella is called Aura – The Light that Heals. Here is a presentation of the album:

Aura – The Light that Heals is an enticing blend of gentle synthesizers, bright melodies and soft rhythms invite you to take a journey of the imagination. A journey of renewal that will leave you feeling both energized and relaxed.

Aura is an unbroken piece of music with each track merging with the next through atmospheric transitions in preference to silent pauses. Ideal for visualization or simply relaxing after a hard day.

1. Radiance 10:21
2. Through Loving Eyes 10.03
3. The Light That Heals 11.47
4. Becoming Whole 10.03
5. Harmony 13:33

Sample the album in the below video and on MG Music.