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New Album by Asher Quinn



Asher Quinn has a new album out called Heal Your Heart. The album consists of 16 re-recorded and re-interpreted versions of popular songs by this fine artist, most of them from the period 2007-2013. The unifying theme of the album is the sacred and mystical Divine inner impulse in us all, as a healing, visionary, consciousness-raising force of nature and spirit.

Here is Asher’s own presentation of the album:

I had the greatest fun recording in Holland with producer Arno op Den Camp, and his Dutch/Hungarian partner Kerani. I’d get up at 4.45am on a friday and zip over to Limburg by car via the Eurotunnel to arrive by midday, ready to record for a weekend. We completed this album in three weekends at their house, where Kerani’s Hungarian Mum and teenage twins also live, along with Ollie the opera dog. Family mealtimes were so cosy and easy-going, and I found it quite exciting that Belgium was only 2kms away, as was Germany! They can shop for food in three different countries there!

The title track, ‘Heal your heart’ wished to be irresistible and ecstatic, and for a Mongolian female to sing Daoist expressions of love! Then, the tender, native American ballad ‘Morning sun’, suggested that it move more towards the European American settler… hoedown style. The hymn ‘I heard the voice of Jesus say’ insisted on a sparse harp arrangement, and my pastoral folk-song ‘The shepherd’… formerly a delicate piano-based ballad… came over all Greek!

Things continued to flow this way; an epic new age track of mine from 1999 called ‘Return to your soul’ seduced me into manifesting it as a Dylan-esque folk song, and the plaintive slave song ‘Sometimes I feel like a motherless child’ demanded it re-invent itself as a jaunty pop-song… almost appearing in disguise, with an uplifting melody and tempo masking the sombre theme.

They all have beautiful souls, these songs… unique and ever-changing. Some are like children growing into adulthood, whilst others lift veils from their eternal nature, showing a new beauty within.


1.   Heal your heart
2.   Morning sun
3.   Visions
   God’s perfect circle
   I heard the voice of Jesus say
7.   The shepherd
8.   Song of the morning
9.   Amazing grace
10. Bow Down

 Return to your soul
12. I love you
13. The river is flowing
 You give me strength
 Sometimes I feel like a motherless child
 One more hour (The hallelujah song)
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