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New Album by Kater and Brant DeMaria



Peter Kater and Michael Brant DeMaria have just released their first studio collaboration called Heart of Silence: Piano and Flute Meditations. Here we get eight improvisational “sound poems”,  which, according to the artists, arose from a shared space of deep listening and love. These piano and flute duets are made for meditation and the healing arts.

– Nature expresses a deeper kind of music that can only be heard when we quiet the mind, open the heart, and step into silence, says Mr. Kater.

Pairing Kater’s elevating piano with DeMaria’s soothing Native American flute, these soulful improvisations invite us to explore and evoke the mysterious depths within each one of us. Peter Kater is a multi-platinum-selling pianist/composer and nine-time Grammy-award nominee. Michael Brant DeMaria, PhD, is a psychologist, award-winning composer, and four-time Grammy nominee.

Sample the album below. It is also available on iTunes.