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New Album by Lino



Lino’s long awaited follow-up to “Miami Jam” is a collection of original instrumentals featuring acoustic, classical and jazz guitars layered with sax, strings, keyboards and percussion. The album is due to be released on 9th June.

Borrowing from a wide variety of musical genres, “Cascadia” marks his fourth release and delivers new compositions with the signature style we call “Lino Music.”

The album will be available here next Tuesday.


Lino – classical, acoustic, slide and electric guitars, bass, piano, keyboards

Chris Frazier – drums

Andy Warr – sax

Georges Bouhey – organ, keyboards

Bill Kelleher – congas, percussion

Kiarra Salto-Beckman – violins, violas, cellos

Merle Hoover – acoustic guitar

Devan Simpkins – violas


– Cascadia

– Lullaby Blues

– A Short Study in E minor

– Farewell 559

– Bittersmooth

– A Short Study in D major

– Sacred River

– Rio Salvaje

– On The Fly

– A Short Study in E major

– Divertimento No. 1 in D major KV 136 “Presto”