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New Album by Medwyn Goodall


Dreamweaver is the name of the new Medwyn Goodall album, and it has now been released. Here is a presentation of the album – and do check out the above video:

dreamweaver2Breath taking, imaginative and very Inspirational.  Ground breaking new sounds, and a host of instruments including grand piano, guitars, dulcimer and panpipes.

Wonderfully atmospheric the album starts in a bedroom at midnight, a clock softly ticks as the wind wisps outside. You are drawn in and
taken on a journey of the imaginationt through a series of dreams to an alternate reality of awe and wonder.

With extra BONUS Track.

1. Dreamweaver  8.27
2. As the World Sleeps  9.10
3. River of Dreams  8.59
4. Light in the Shadow  9.00
5. Dare to Dream 9.21

6. (Bonus Track) Sanskrit 10.07 (First time available on CD

Total Length: 55.07 approx.

Available on CD and MP3

Check out the album here.