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New Album by Terry Oldfield


terry-oldfield-guardian-angel2A new album by Terry Oldifeld is now out, entitled Guardian Angel. Terry gives the following presentation:

Music that speaks of the great voyage that we souls in human form are destined to undertake – It is a tribute to all those who have dared to set sail through uncharted seas.


Writing and playing music is a wonderful tool for me. It brings the whole maelstrom of thinking to a halt. I’m sure any artist would say the same, that the creative process is so rewarding in this way – that it reconnects or puts the creator in touch with himself, with that inexhaustible flow of energy and power that is always there, but only in this present moment, which is eternity unfolding. To that extent being creative, writing music for me, is simply making myself available to that which is, and then it all happens by itself or through me. That’s why the question that always comes up is “How do you write music?” and it is impossible to answer because I simply don’t know. It can only happen when I (thought) am no longer there to get in the way.

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