New Albums by MG Music


Medwyn Goodall Music Ltd has some interesting titles ready for us. They are:


Essential Medwyn: A special 2 Disc, double album presentation. The case has an internal 2 disc slim holder designed so that the case takes up no more room than a normal CD.
An astounding collection of the very best tracks from Medwyn Goodall’s albums spanning the last 14 years. Includes the new bonus track “Elven” not released on any other CD.
With a total length of over 2 hrs 10mins, this is the most personal and latest collection of his music covering his most popular styles and tracks. Covering the albums – Earth Goodess, Dreamweaver, The Sorcerers Daughter, Tears of the Dragon, Medicine Woman 4, Serve Chilled, The Dragons Breath, Clan 3, and a new track from the studio – ELVEN

Disc 1.

The Crystal Shard
River of Dreams
Goddess Power
The Grand Illusion
The Time Keepers
Dance on Clouds

Disc 2.

Solar Waves
Serve Chilled
Dare to Dream
The Lands Beyond
Ghosts of the Fallen
Clansman Part 1.
House of Elders

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Midwinter: Influenced by Folk, Celtic and Medieval music, ‘Midwinter’ celebrates the festive time of year with original and traditional tunes. On this recording, Jon offers a fresh perspective on
seasonal music with an acoustic album, which includes the following instruments; acoustic guitars, harp, flutes, violin, cello, grand piano, mandolin and recorders. Gentle, highly
melodic and heartfelt; this a collection of mysterious and enchanting winter tales.

1. Across the Seasons – 4:28
2. Freya – 6.57
3. Carol of the Bells – 4:41
4. Yuletide – 4:58
5. Brighid’s Flame – 2:26
6. Ember Days – 6:49
7. Waltz of the Snow Queen – 4:54
8. Gaudete – 4:36
9. Down in Yon Forest – 3:54
10. Winterlight – 6:08

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