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New Albums from MG Music


May brings us new titles by Medwyn Goodall, Paul Sills, Adrew Kinsella and Midori. The albums are: Renaissance by Medwyn Goodall, A Promise of Angels 2 by Midori, Awake and Dreaming by Paul Sills and Forest Sanctuary by Andrew Kinsella.

Renaissance – Medwyn Goodall

Renaissance-Medwyn Goodall

A medieval setting full of legends and story tellers. Melodic Dulcimers, Fiddle, Guitars, and amazing drumming set the mood. Followers of Medwyn’s music will notice influences from King Arthur and the Clan trilogy.

1. The Legend 6.54
2. The Fiddler 6.57
3. The Mage’s Tower 7.28
4. The Fayre 6.47
5. The Bard 6.30
6. The Dance of Fire 5.57
7. The Story Teller 5.22

A Promise of Angels 2 – Midori


Beautiful, heavenly, ethereal, delicate and full of imagination, this deeply relaxing music heralds the sequel to one of the most popular CD’s
“A Promise of Angels 2”. Perfect for healing, massage, reiki, meditation and relaxation. Ethereal tone, harp and Piano. Quite possibly one of the best CD’s Midori (AKA Medwyn Goodall) has ever made.
1. Ascension 5.19
2. Above the clouds 6.07
3. Angelic Realm 6.06
4. Into the Light 8.25
5. Energy 7.18
6. Protection 7.21
7. A Message of Hope 7.22
8. Hereafter 8.49
Awake and Dreaming – Paul Sills

Set your creative thoughts free. Allow yourself to escape. Be awake and dream.

1. Rainbows End 6.22
2. Balloons and Clouds 9.30
3. Childhood 7.33
4. Sepia Fields 8.28
5. A Never Ending Day 6.16
6. Lucid Dream 6.38
7. Day Dreaming 6.16
8. Hazy Days 6.27
9. Illusion 8.45
10. Hallucinations 6.19

Forest Sanctuary – Andrew Kinsella


We each have a special place to get away from it all, our Sanctuary. Andrew Kinsella takes us on a journey to such a place, deep into the verdant forest, to a haven of blissful serenity, solitude and retreat. A gentle blend of instrumentation, rich atmospheres and evocative melody invites you along secret paths far from the madding crowd.

1. Secret Paths.   11.01
2. Gentle Cascade.  9.05
3. Blissful Serenity.  10.50
4. Heart of The Forest. 12.17
5.  Healing Waters 11.27

All titles are available on MedwynGoodallMusic.co.uk